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Camp Colin works with clients to help them secure fulfilling employment or start a business. We open doors with companies, human resource departments, rehabilitation specialists, attorneys, prosecutors and the faith community to help clients find work. 

Employment laws have companies now conducting credit checks, criminal record inquiries, background investigations, drug tests and even polygraph exams, to the level previously reserved for applicants to the FBI. Policies often prohibit flexibility in hiring good people. For those who may be a bit "scuffed up" by the world, it may be harder to get  hired. 

Always being told "No" or disqualified can be very discouraging, painful, take away hope and harm self-esteem. It can be debilitating. 

"We cannot walk alone".

Having a DUI, a disability, suffered from emotional distress, abuse or had a prior conviction or addiction challenge does not make someone unworthy or not as talented. We work with clients in a training camp environment, much like a sports team preparing for the season. Multiple aspects of the game for our work life are prepared for.  

Adult Career Choice and You

Camp Colin offers clients use of the "Career Key". Many have not stopped and taken the time nor had opportunity to investigate the type of work that fits them best. Founded and authored by Dr. Lawrence Jones, professor emeritus College of Education, N.C. State University, "Career Key" utilizes Holland's Theory of Career Choice". Holland's Theory is the most respected, science based theory in the field. We help clients succeed and answer the question affirmatively, "Do you like what you do each day"? 

Clients identify the careers that match their personality and they decide which career area we together focus on. Career Key and Camp Colin teach the "ACIP Decision Making Method" for important decisions, not just in career. 

We enable exposure to the Occupational Outlook Handbook for practical, specific jobs detail.

Camp Colin utilizes the Spiritual Gifts Analysis to better discover which are our dominant spiritual gifts for tasks. 

Youth Day Camp - Summer Camp

At the time of this writing, Camp Colin is designing programs for Youth Day Camp and Summer Camp.

S Day Camp includes GED training for those experiencing challenges in the traditional school environment and seeking alternative. We utilize the American Society for Quality for training on concepts for Quality. Such as, "Doing things right the first time", "The Economics of Quality" and "Six Sigma". The foundation for both camp environments is encouraging clients to understand their worth, as seen through the eyes of our Creator. 

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